Q-Tip, Dave Chappelle, Leo DiCaprio & Chris Rock Talk Beats, Rhymes & Life, Literally. (Audio)

That’s right. An Oscar-nominated actor, two legendary comedic geniuses, and an integral architect of Hip-Hop in one place, at one time. For many, the combination of Dave Chappelle, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Rock, and Q-Tip sounds like the answer to “if you could sit four celebrities into a room to hear their views on nearly everything, who would you pick?” Thanks to Q-Tip’s Beats 1 Radio program (called “Abstract Radio,” of course), that dream team came to fruition when the four men talked about music and film, but also much more.

While DiCaprio may seem like somewhat of a wild card, fans of his were not surprised by his being included in this perfectly curated combination of viewpoints, as he has often shared his affinity for the music. The fellas touched upon the 2016 presidential campaign, DiCaprio’s most memorable scene in The Wolf of Wall Street, their thoughts on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, whether or not “ya mama” jokes are even funny, and a host of equally varied topics during  the nearly two-hour episode, also which includes some wide-ranging multi-genre cuts spun by Tip throughout.

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The backdrop of consistent music makes the affair feel like an average, laid-back chill out session at the crib with some friends, but the personal experiences shared by the guests are definitely unique. Around the 36:30 mark, Tip and DiCaprio begin reminiscing about a particular party in Vegas, a party that at first, Q-Tip didn’t remember. “Oh yeah! It was that party with the Malaysian billionaire,” Tip reminisces. “You know, I’ve never been to a bad Malaysian billionaire party,” Chappelle quips. “It was wild…he had Britney Spears sing him ‘Happy Birthday,'” Tip continues. “Malaysian billionaires have a whole set of different proclivities from American billionaires like [Donald] Trump.”

A few minutes later, the conversation steers towards a new Q-Tip album, which DiCaprio mentions he listened to briefly. “How come we ain’t hear your new record?,” Chappelle asks. “Because he takes forever…you take years, dude,” DiCaprio says to Tip after the Abstract playfully rebuffs him. Rock shares that his favorite Q-Tip record is “You” from his 2008 album The Renaissance, which he says he prefers even over A Tribe Called Quest’s work. “It’s the best work you’ve done in a decade, easily,” to which Tip coolly responds “Really?…That’s good.” The guys then joke about the idea of making a music video for the song, with Rock serving as director, providing listeners with a very improvised, extemporaneous interaction between greats talking as friends. Check out the whole episode here for dozens more micro-conversations that each offer up humor, insight, and evidence that underneath the worldwide fame, they’re just four friends kickin’ it like the rest of us.

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