Run the Jewels Honor Their Cultural Forefathers in New Single (Audio)

This year, much of Hip-Hop’s history has been documented on screens, both large and small. While Straight Outta Compton undoubtedly leads the pack when discussing the biggest Hip-Hop blockbuster, one could argue that Rubble Kings serves as the year’s stand-out Hip-Hop documentary. The film tells the story of the earliest days of Hip-Hop, pre-Kool Herc, when New York City’s street gangs dominated the neighborhoods where the first examples of the forthcoming culture could be found. In short, the documentary examines the aftermath of one particular incident in which warring factions of street gangs came together in solidarity for peace, forging a path towards a youth culture that would place love, respect, and unity above all else.

While Rubble Kings has been made available digitally, a full-fledged cinematic release is pending an official date but until then, Heads are being treated to a sneak peak of the film’s soundtrack, thanks to Adult Swim Singles. In its latest installment, Run the Jewels offer up the theme song for the film, fittingly titled “Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite).” Sonically, it’s imprinted with the same characteristics their fans love them for – a dark, driving beat fostered by exceptionally powerful lyrics from El-P and Killer Mike, who celebrate the brave and rebellious spirits of those who came before them and cultivated the landscape in which they are able to plant their music. Check it out below and pre-order the soundtrack before its October 30 release on Mass Appeal Records.

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