Snoop Says Nardwuar Is One Of His Best Interviewers. Nardwaur Shows Why (Video)

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It’s been 15 years since Snoop Dogg and Canadian celebrity interviewer extraordinaire Nardwuar (full name: Nardwuar the Human Serviette) have been choppin’ it up, and in their most recent chat, one can really sense the chemistry and genuine friendship the two have with one another. Snoop, holding a Slim Jim-sized blunt and Nardwuar, wearing his signature spectacles and plaid cap, discuss their longstanding fondness for one another and also topics related to Snoop’s career. Right off the bat, the two spread love, with Nardwuar thanking Snoop for a Reddit shout-out and Snoop thanking his eccentric comrade for the “bag of goodies” he brings along to each interview. The location of the interview – Vancouver’s Harvest Moon Cup – is a cannabis competition, which provides a fittingly whimsical backdrop to what is already an oddball segment.

The first formal question asked of Snoop is “who owes you money?” and without skipping a beat, Snoop responds with “I ain’t gonna say his name on camera but that mothafucka know who he is,” and the rest of their chat is just as off-the-wall. They discuss Snoop’s latest business venture,, which he calls the “Encylopedia for Cannabis,” which will be “coming soon to a hood near you.” Nardwuar’s response? Bringing out a copy of a 1970s smoker’s catalog called “Marygin,” which the two fawn over. True delight in discovering such a vintage jewel splashes across Snoop’s face, as the usually low-key personality gets hyped. Other topics included the best cannabis-based songs, the music royalty in Ab-Soul’s family, origins of Long Beach Hip-Hop, and a ton more. Check out the whole interview below, which features several instances of Nardwuar’s musical knowledge blowing Snoop Dogg’s mind.

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