Take A Trip To The Sweet Spot With The Internet (Video)

The Internet have made it clear that they are one of the most stylistically creative bands out today and continue to match that creativity with undeniable talent. Led by former OFWGKTA members Syd tha Kid – a skilled songstress whose own personal image beautifully destroys stereotypes of what a Soul siren should look like – and Matt Martians the Internet is quirky, raw, and dope. From their recent Tiny Desk performance for NPR all the way back to their 2011 debut, Purple Naked Ladies, the ensemble has been nothing if not unique and yet somehow, their songs manage to speak to distinct cross-sections of music fans, from Heads to Indie fans, and pretty much everybody in between.

That familiarity is all over “Get Away,” the most recent single off of 2015’s Ego Death. In it, Syd spins a tale of love with all of its ups and downs, but focuses on the idea of distance, not just the distance between partners that can sometimes grow, but of the distance between the ethereal and the commonplace. Such distance is where we find what many would call the ideal relationship, somewhere between a dreamlike state and a grounded, tangible realness. In the accompanying video, the Internet navigates between what often present themselves as opposing worlds, that of the party-focused, 40-oz chugging rockstar lifestyle and the more personal, romantic parts of life. Watch the video below to take a trip with the whole band as they try to balance the two.

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