The Game & Kendrick Lamar Put In Work Over a Flip of an Erykah Badu Classic (Audio)

As the October 9 release of The Game’s The Documentary 2 album approaches, the excitement for the project is mounting. The Compton MC has released several songs showcasing the forthcoming double album’s diversity, including tracks with Skrillex, Diddy, Drake, DJ Quik and more. One of the most anticipated songs from the LP is “On Me,” featuring Game’s hometown fellow MC, Kendrick Lamar.

The track has been circulating for the last few days, and it does not disappoint. Game and Kendrick reprise the explosive chemistry they shared on tracks like “The City” and “See No Evil.” This time, they take things up a notch with a funky flip of Erykah Badu’s classic, “On & On.” The combination makes for some soulful gangsta funk. Check it out (via 2DBZ).

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