The Game & Scarface Make a Record So Real About Tupac It Hurts (Audio)

On Friday (10/16), The Game released The Documentary 2.5, the second installment of the sequel to his debut album. Far from leftovers, the album stands as one of Game’s best bodies of work in his career. With contributions from Nas, DJ Quik, Busta Rymes, Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q and more, the LP is a patchwork of soul and grit.

One of the strongest records on the album addresses the life and death of Tupac with unflinching reality. On “Last Time You Seen,” Game details the circumstances under which Pac died, implicating Suge Knight, and also raps about The Notorious B.I.G.’s killers. He’s not alone on the track, as Scarface joins him with some reflections about the last days of Pac’s life and, in an unnerving recorded phone call, Michael “Harry O” Harris, the drug kingpin who funded Death Row Records and was eventually betrayed by Suge Knight, speaks about the circumstances that led to his imprisonment and Suge’s ultimate downfall. This is one of the realest records laid to wax.

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