Today Is Harold Hunter Day. Remember The Skate Icon/”Kids” Star Through This Compilation (Video)

Harold Hunter epitomized 1990s New York City cool. A feature actor in Kids, Hunter is best remembered for his skate style, grit, and sense of humor. He would go on to be a primary figure helping launch the Zoo York brand. In 2006, at the age of 31, the East Village native passed away just blocks from his childhood neighborhood from a cocaine-related heart attack.

Hunter has been mentioned in an assortment of Hip-Hop lyrics, including Talib Kweli, Odd Future, and Awkword, among others. Additionally, Kids cast member Rosario Dawson recently spoke about her friendship with the skateboard legend. Today, in the same Manhattan Lower East Side where he died nearly a decade ago, it is officially “Harold Hunter Day.” Filmmaker Rugged Vision (who shot Sean Price’s mural creation in August) threaded together a stylish compilation that shows why Harold meant so much to his community, culture, and the city he made his playground.

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