20 Years Later, Life Is Good For AZ Too (Video)

Though both have gone on to have long, successful and deeply respected solo careers, AZ and Nas will always be connected. After all, for many, AZ was introduced through his possibly scene-stealing guest verse on Nas’ “Life’s A Bitch,” from Illmatic. The two reunited periodically throughout the years, including in a major way, along with Foxy Brown and Nature, on 1997’s The Firm album. Though the two have not worked together in quite some time, they remain in step. A little over a year ago, Nas flexed his flow over J Dilla’s “Gobstopper” track and shortly thereafter, Sosa followed up with his version. Now, three years after Nas declared to the world that Life Is Good, AZ makes it known that it’s treating him much better than it did in 1994, as well.

The video for AZ’s “Back To Myself” is a celebration of the good life. The visual commences with AZ reflecting on the blessings that have come with a 20-year career, including working with both Nas and Foxy. He is then shown enjoying some of the finer things–walking the beach, enjoying a glass of wine, hanging out by the hot tub and toking on his trademark stogies. The overarching theme throughout, however, is that, despite the material advances, he has remained true to himself, never straying from his roots and keeping family first. Check it out.

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