Adele Sings Hello While Fallon & The Roots Play Classroom Instruments. Still Amazing! (Video)

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Many of Adele’s biggest hits are rooted in heartbreak, loss or regret. The same holds true for her latest smash, “Hello.” Leave it to Jimmy Fallon, however, to make even a song about someone’s inability to get over a past love funny. As he has done with others, including Robin Thicke and Mariah Carey, he invites Adele to join The Roots and him in a dressing room for a performance of her song using only elementary school classroom instruments.

Ironically, the duality of the mood perfectly suits Adele, who is generally a jokester and very light-hearted when not on a recording. While she sings the song straight-faced and with passion, the facial expressions of Fallon and The Roots, along with the general absurdity of the juxtaposition, makes for a hilarious, yet still amazing, rendition of what is quickly becoming the song of the year.

With Adele on her way to having the biggest first week sales since the stat began being recorded nearly 25 years ago, she has plenty of reason to have some fun. Take a look.

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