As Semi Hendrix, Ras Kass & Jack Splash Seek Answers From God & the Government (Video)

Last month, Semi Hendrix released its debut album, Breakfast at Banksy’s, which signaled member Ras Kass’ second collaborative album in one year. After releasing 2014’s Blasphemy with Apollo Brown, he linked up with Grammy-winning artist and producer Jack Splash to form Semi Hendrix, whose new Mello Music Group LP features contributions from some prolific artists including Cee-Lo, Raheem DeVaughan, and Kurupt, the latter featured on the duo’s single “M.A.S.H.” In the latest release, however, it’s just the two of them but the final product doesn’t feel like it’s missing a thing, and in fact delivers a thought-provoking visual to some of today’s most troubling questions.

In the Scott O’Malley-directed video for “Jesus Pressed Mute,” Ras Kass plays a drinking, smoking priest whose rapping alter ego admonishes society for its ills. The song’s opening line (“Poverty, disease, death and destruction/Can you hear me, God? Did Jesus press the ‘mute’ button?”) is reflected in the entirety of the track’s overarching question: with all of the despair, turmoil, and tragedy in the world, where is the Lord and Savior tasked with our salvation and protection? Religion is not the only guilty party, with everything from Wall Street to the government (“even Obama’s frontin'”) being called to task in the lyrics. Visually, the song features plenty of religious imagery, an American flag, and other symbolic gestures to drive the point home. Sampling an Easter Spiritual called “He Never Said a Mumblin’ Word,” the song is powerful and the video is just as compelling. Check it out.

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