Chance The Rapper Affiliate Saba Carves His Own Lane In A Compelling Double Video

Less than a month ago, Chicago, Illinois MC Saba made a giant breakthrough care of Chance The Rapper’s “Angels” single. Saba was with C.T.R. for the “Late Show” debut, and it was the perfect opportunity to awaken new music seekers to July, 2014 mixtape ComfortZone.

From that same feel-good project, Saba now offers the video for two of its gems, “Timezone” and “Whip.” For the first half, time is adjusted in the visual to create the effect of the lifted chorus, and numbing euphoria. Things move outside then, in follow Saba on one of his maiden voyages behind the wheel. Both songs capture the excitement and the confusion of youth, with a seasoned presentation.

Is Saba here to stay?

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