Dot Demo Gets Demonic to Remind Us We’re All Possessed (Video)

22 year-old Bronx MC Dot Demo has yet to release his debut album, but his creativity and fully polished work thus far have earned him considerable buzz. With Somewhere In Nirvana (notice the acronym) expected to arrive very soon, the young artist recently performed for Huffington Post’s Freestyle Fridays series, and his fanbase has been expanding steadily since last year’s Delta Theory mixtape. With his new work, Heads can expect equally thought-provoking material (the Delta Theory examines how human influence can manifest changes in others), characterized by his latest singles, “Indigenous Man” and “Blak Gesus.” Sounding like something that crawled out of a dungeon and linked up with mid-90s Black Moon with the paranoid tinges of the Geto Boys’ “My Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” Dot Demo’s “Blak Gesus” is dark and lyrical, but also uplifting in the most macabre sense of the word.

The video – which he co-directed with Modern Vintage – follows him through what seems to be his becoming possessed by a demon, a dark force he ingested after sipping from an ominous bottle. With references to Bethlehem, priests, the holy sacrament, and other religious imagery, the lyrics are matched by equally demonic visions, as Dot Demo writhes with pain as the (un)holy spirit consumes his being, all the while smoking and drinking, navigating the streets barefooted in a tunic. Despite all of its unsettling content, the song in fact serves to free the minds of those mentally enslaved, with Demo proclaiming “Broken tides, fuck the fame, just open your eyes and notice the lies/They runnin’ a game, we wastin’ our lives, no surprise.” Check out the video below, and stay tuned for more news from this exceptional talent.

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