If This Song Couldn’t Make Rick Ross’ Album, Black Market Must Be Crazy Good (Audio)

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Rick Ross has released a new song that departs in some significant ways from much of what he’s done of late. For starters, “Amazing Grace” opens with a warning against glamorizing a life of crime. For Ross’ detractors, that likely comes as a real surprise, as one of the criticisms most levied against him is that he is a perpetual proponent of dope boy Rap, despite ongoing questions about the veracity of his claims to have come from that lifestyle. Additionally, while Ross often tells tales during his songs, he is not often cited as a storytelling MC. However, that skill is put on full display on his latest.

The irony of the story Ross crafts on “Amazing Grace” is that, despite the opening of “living the life of crime is nothing you should glamorize,” many of the elements on the song can be perceived to do just that. He talks about having expensive watches, exotic fish and plenty of money to blow in the strip club. However, the song’s chorus tempers the portrayal of that being the good life, adding that the consequences of hustling are constant beefs, life-threatening confrontations and always being a misstep away from “flipping burgers.”

The track is the type of cinematic and soulful orchestration that brings out the contemplative side in Ross and, according to the MMG general, it’s not even on his forthcoming Black Market album. If these are the leftovers, that’s shaping up to be quite the album. Take a listen.

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