Just Blaze Gives Away His Early 2000s Drum Sounds…For Free Download

Between 2000 and 2005, producer Just Blaze made iconic songs with the likes of Jay Z, Fabolous, The Game and Freeway. The Patterson, New Jersey native DJ/producer worked closely with Roc-A-Fella Records, in addition to launching his own production company, F.O.B. Entertainment.


Although Just’s breakthrough sound is often associated with higher pitched vocal samples, the artist was also arranging drums in a way that helped Roc in particular establish a trademark feel. Several phases further into his career, J.B. has made a download of his drum samples available, for free.

Just promised fans that he would do this if Run The Jewels’ Meow The Jewels Kickstarter campaign was met. El-P and Killer Mike have since achieved funding, so their collaborator and friend has now upheld his part of the promise. Click here to download.

Producers looking to replicate the sound of works like “Breathe,” “U Don’t Know,” and “Church For Thugs,” can now have the kit at your disposal.

What is your favorite early 2000s Just Blaze creation?

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