Just Blaze Has Made Smashes For Jay Z, Kanye West, T.I. & More. Watch How He Does It (Video)

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Over the years, Just Blaze has powered some of Hip-Hop biggest hits and most revered classics. The superstar producer is responsible for defining records by Jay Z (“Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Song Cry,” “Public Service Announcement“), Kanye West (“Touch the Sky“), T.I. and more. Though his style varies, he is known for big orchestrations, sped-up “squirrel” vocals and thunderous drums. The producer born Justin Smith is the latest to step up to Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette challenge, where a producer is blindfolded, picks 3 random records and makes a beat on the spot.

Unlike many producers whose weapon of choice is an MPC Sampler, Just comes armed with a laptop and a musical keyboard. As he sorts through the records he’s selected, he stumbles upon the type of soulful, gospel-tinged loop that’s come to color much of his music. His mind can be seen spinning as he starts to construct the track in his head. In a cool moment of transparency, he turns and talks to the studio audience, explaining his thought process at the time and his approach to making beats, generally. After that, he goes to work, concocting a signature banger as if it’s child’s play.

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