KRS-One Is Releasing His First Album Since 2012. Hear The Hard-Hitting 1st Single (Audio)

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In a series of tweets, KRS-One has announced a new album and released the first single. The LP will hit stores on November 24 and will be titled Now Hear This! The first song from the project is a hard-hitting track attacking the war on drugs, stating that in reality it’s been a war on people, particularly those of color and those with less money.

On the refrain of “Drugs Won,” Kris raps “We see how the drugs run. We see where they come from. Governments are selling it everyday. One ton they declare a war on drugs but drugs one.” In the first verse, he points out the radically conflicting views on drugs even within the U.S., as marijuana dispensaries are prevalent in West Coast states, but the herb is illegal throughout the East Coast. He expands, saying we need to “switch the philosophy. Think of the economy. Plants, herbs, and roots are nature’s technology.”

In verse 3, KRS hones in on the disparate treatment of drug users, “Brother’s getting shot up ’cause the system’s unjust. Segregated justice, it’s just them and just us. Cops roll around like a gang trying to jump us. Into their plantation prisons, they wanna dump us. ‘Cause they’re really prisons for the poor.”

Longterm fans will recall that Kris has had a subversive philosophy about drugs for years. On the 1992 Boogie Down Productions song “Drug Dealer,” he encouraged those who engaged in the sale of street pharmaceuticals to use the money they were earning to build legitimate businesses and uplift the community. Nearly 25 years later, the Teacha is still pushing for revolution. Take a listen to “Drugs Won.”

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