Nate Dogg Was A Phenomenal Singer, But He Remains Unsung. Watch The Episode (Video)

Nate Dogg has been a part of some of Hip-Hop’s biggest records. Whether his 213 family of Snoop Dogg and Warren G, Dr. Dre, Fabolous, or Eminem, Nathaniel Hale’s voice brought a sense of soul, street, and strength to so many hits and pivotal album cuts. In his own career however, the onetime Elektra Records artist never saw that same kind of commercial or critical recognition. His solo discography started in 1998, after Death Row had largely disbanded, and the DPG crew was in factions. Still, the Long Beach, California native released material that today—more than five years since his death—people are playing.

TV One’s “Unsung” focuses its lens on the childhood friend of Warren and Snoop (both of whom participate in providing viewers context into “The Ghetto Preacher.” Nate’s life in and away from music is explored:

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For Heads looking to enjoy some Nate Dogg audio to hear, in full, how “unsung” he is, this J. Period mix is something worth coming back to.

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