Redman Breaks Down “Bars” From His BET Cypher Verse (Video)

Last month, Redman became a trending term after his 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher verse. The Newark, New Jersey veteran MC appeared alongside his Def Squad cohorts Erick Sermon and Keith Murray, where he spit a verse that had Heads replaying the video just to keep up.

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Appearing on Watch Loud’s “Verse Behavior,” Funk Doc slows things down, takes away the instrumental, and lets Heads hear what he had to tell the mass-millions of viewers. He says that he actually freestyles regularly to the Beanie Sigel “Mack Bitch” instrumental that DJ Scratch dropped on BET (reportedly, at Red’s request). The same verse appears on Red’s newly-released Mudface album, as the song fittingly called “Bars.”

Additionally, in the three-part video series Redman explains why Dare Iz A Darkside is an album he cannot listen to today (let alone remember recording). Red’ recalls his days living on Long Island, New York and being neighborly with Nas. Sadly, the pair of blunt-smoking friends for the last 20 years have never had that major collaboration together. The interview is lucid and revealing, and at the same time, quite entertaining in other places.

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Here is part 2:

Visit Watch Loud to see part 3, where talks a little bit more about Muddy Waters 2 being worth the wait. Perhaps it’s “high time” that Nas and Red’ collabo happens, and MW2 is the place?

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