Redman Exhales On a Reggae Track And It’s Fire (Video)

Today (November 13) Redman releases his first album in nearly five years, Mudface. The Gilla House Records LP also delivers its second video single, “N***a Like Me.” Overtop a heavy Dub and Reggae-inspired beat, Red’ immerses himself in his beloved greenery.

The visual features Reggie Noble out on nature, bustin’ down bars beside mountain bikers and rolling hills. Meanwhile, there are folks breakin’ down herb, growing huge pot plants, and living in true a paradise—by Redman’s standards. What makes the moment especially great though, isn’t the scenery, or the greenery, it’s the fiery delivery from the Def Squad MC. With a recharged battery in his back, the rapper is all smiles, and he gets to work with that signature wordplay.

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