SPOTLIGHT: Nolan The Ninja Aims To Restore Detroit’s Hardcore Rap Legacy (EP Stream)

Today (November 10), Detroit, Michigan MC/producer Nolan The Ninja released his debut vocal EP, F.T.H. The 11-track follow-up to this year’s Lo-Fi L∞ps instrumental effort, features veteran MCs such as Phat Kat, Finale, and Hassan Mackey. Also available by iTunes, the F**k The Hype, a Left Of Center release, is available for full stream below:

Speaking about some of the project, Nolan told Ambrosia For Heads about one single, inspired by Spike Lee’s 1990s drug-dealing film, loosely based on a Richard Price novel. “For that joint [‘Clockers’], I came up with the concept first. I love the movie so, I wanted to flip it and make the drug game-Rap game theories parallel to one another. That’s how the title ‘Poetic Clockers’ came about. Once I got the rhymes together, the beat magically fell into my lap. [Laughs] One night, DaG—whom, produced the song—played the beat as an intermission at a party that he was DJ’ing. As soon I heard it, I told him that I needed it. That’s the homie so, he was definitely down to create. Ironically, that’s somewhat how I got the beat for ‘twnty6.’ as well.” Asked about a specific verse he is most proud of at this juncture in his career, the 23 year-old MC waves off the question with a laugh, “It’s from a cut that’s not even out yet.”

Months ago, Nolan made an appearance on DJ Soko (of The Left) album, Domino Effect:

In a career that his deliberately begun as a no-favors, old-fashioned approach to getting on, Nolan looks at the response and is impressed. “Honestly, this whole past year has been mad progressive,” he says, after strong recognition by the likes of Metro Times, Huffington Post, Shade 45, and HOT 97. “I’m just honored and humbled by everything that’s going on. I’m blessed. It’s great to know that there’s people in the world that listens and appreciates my music, you know? The feeling is indescribable, man…”

With a hardcore Hip-Hop style, N.T.N. cannot pinpoint a specific influence. “I never could be able to answer that question, which is great thing? [Laughs] I just create what comes from my heart. Growing up, I just absorbed everything. My mother played a lot of R&B, my cousin was more into Hip-Hop, my brother likes Alternative Rock, etc. I get inspired by a lot of things. However, my top favorites MCs are Nas, Black Thought, [The Notorious B.I.G.], Redman, Raekwon and Ghostface [Killah].”

Coming from under the same skyline as Eminem, Elzhi, Royce Da 5’9″ and others, Nolan sees his place in Motown’s Rap scene as definitive new terrain. “I definitely see myself as a solid contributor to the [Detroit, Michigan Hip-Hop] foundation. I’m a young artist helping to build a platform for my peers to shine on an ‘anti-mainstream’ level; underground, traditional.” Although he is only at his first digital release, the work is paying off. “I’ve had people walk up and thank me for what I’m doing. You know, showing that it’s okay to be yourself or follow a lane that may not really be in demand. I’m showing that it’s possible to make your own shit and still be able to gain recognition from credible sources.”

As for his specific mission, the double-threat touts with a laugh, “My main motto is to inspire people to do great things. I want to feel like Haley [Joel] Osment from Pay It Forward.”

F**k The Hype by Nolan The Ninja.

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