This Is What It Sounds Like When Eminem & Redman Catch Up & Make Plans (Audio)

Yesterday (November 8), Redman was a guest on Lord Sear’s Shade 45 show. Unexpectedly, the Sirius XM station’s founder, Eminem, called in. The onetime “Off The Wall” collaborators caught up publicly, but in a way that seemed totally authentic to a Marshall Mathers and Reggie Noble phone-call. Em’ even called the Funk Doc by his given name.

“I just heard you was up there, just callin’ to say what’s up, man,” began Eminem, presumably calling from Detroit, Michigan.

“You know what’s funny, bruh? I been talkin’ about your lil’ stinkin’-ass all day, Em,” replied Redman. “Hey man, I appreciate anything and everything you said of bringing people awareness about me—just as well as I do about you. Like, I catch flack! I catch flack for sayin’ that you rank up there with Biggie, Jay Z, and Nas. Like, a couple of people tried to give me flack. I’m like, ‘Nah, you’re crazy! That’s my dude!'”

Eminem responded to the heartfelt words from the nearly 25-year veteran with, “Coming from you, I appreciate anything like that. I’m honored.”

Eminem then went into his own heavy fan moment. The MC pun-fully joked that he recently “cleaned out his closet” to discover a late 1990s photograph taken in New Jersey. Joined by D12’s Bizarre and The Outsidaz, the moment was from Eminem’s first trip to New York City, Jersey City, and Newark, New Jersey. “I know [Pacewon] was with us. We had actually ended up stopping by your house. I’m like, ‘Oh shit! That’s the picture I took out the [car] back window, of your house on some fan shit.” Eminem joked that it was an “instant camera” and stressed that he hopes someday the Def Squad MC may autograph it.

Redman revealed that Eminem may be accumulating a Rap memorabilia collection, and offered clothing, albums, and more.

The Shady Records founder reflected, “Like I’ve said publicly, you’re one of my favorites of all-time, man! That’s never gonna change. Yo, keep doin’ it, man! Fuck yeah, man.” Em also added that he is a big fan of “Dope Man,” the Mudface (November 13) video single.

Redman made the public moment all the realer, when he stated, “That Mudface album is nothin’, man! That Muddy Waters [2] album is next, and possibly, man, I can get another track from you.”

Eminem replied, “Oh man, I’m on board. I’m here, man!”

Is this how A-level Rap collaborations come to be? After watching DMX meet Rakim, can we learn from this exchange too?

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