20 Years Ago, Busta Rhymes Invited Us to Celebrate. What Better Time Than Tonight? (Video)

In June of 1996, Busta Rhymes was knee-deep in celebrations, having released his debut solo album only three months prior. The Coming was Busta’s arrival onto the scene as a graduate of the Leaders of the New School, and in fact the LP housed the crew’s final recording as a unit – the Ummah-produced “Keep It Movin’.” Of course, the most successful single found on the record is “Woo Hah!! Got You All in Check,” which earned Busta a 1997 Grammy nomination for Best Rap Solo Performance. The Coming became the first of five platinum-selling albums for the Brooklyn MC whose most recent project has Heads still excited for his music, nearly twenty years to the date after his solo emergence. On Christmas Day, he released The Return of the Dragon, a star-studded mixtape that plays more like a polished album, and with it he has reminded fans of his unmistakably unique style and flow, one that he began mastering back in ’96. Today, on the eve of 2016, we look back to some classic Busta Rhymes to get in the party mood.

Produced by legendary producer Easy Mo Bee, “It’s a Party” also featured Zhané, an R&B duo whose extensive work with Naughty by Nature had earned them considerable crossover success in the Hip-Hop market. Sporting his signature pair of afro puffs and audacious outfits, Busta is an artist clearly on the verge of developing an explosive self-identity but still close to his roots, not quite as outlandish as he is in the videos for songs like “Dangerous” or “Give Me Some More,” but certainly not a cookie-cutter rapper. Check it out below to bring the ’96 into the ’16. Happy New Year!

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