Edo G., M-Dot & Singapore Kane Bring Back The Rap Salute To DJs (Audio)

From Gang Starr to EPMD, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince to Run-D.M.C., Lords Of The Underground to LL Cool J, the DJ salutation was once a Hip-Hop institution. In 2015, DJs attached to Rap groups are a bygone trend, and with that, these songs are harder to find. New England-meets-France EMS duo M-Dot & DJ Jean Maron keep things in motion with “Tribute To The DJ.”

M-Dot’s Beantown homies Edo. G and Singapore Kane join the mix, as Maron slices up Bumpy Knuckles, Common, and others. In the verses, the three MCs call out sucker-DJ tactics, while also bigging up those active purveyors of the art, old and new.

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