Even While Battling Kidney Disease, Freeway Feels Blessed (Audio)

On days like today, when we’re yet again reminded of some of the ugliness that exists in the world, music can be a salve for the soul. Freeway provides just that with his new song, “Heaven.”

The Merc Beatz-produced track supplies some of the same chirped-up Soul on which Freeway shone in his earliest days with Roc-A-Fella records, and Freeway covers that chapter and several others in his life in the deeply autobiographical song. Freezer raps about his journey from the block to the Roc and beyond, contemplating the good and the bad, including his recent kidney failure and ongoing battle with kidney disease. Through it all, he sees the blessings he’s been given and expresses his deep gratitude.

Take a listen and, as Freeway says when he closes the song, “keep pushing.”