G-Eazy Releases One Of The Most Courageous Songs You Will Hear All Year (Audio)

Last week (12/4), G-Eazy released his sophomore major label album, When It’s Dark Out. As its title and cover art suggest, the album tackles several things that take place under the cover of dark. G raps about the expected, such as sex, drugs and partying, but he also covers the other side of the pillow; the one where introspective, soul-searching thoughts are buried.

No song is more indicative of those deep thoughts than his song, “Everything Will Be OK,” featuring Kehlani. The record is one of the most deeply personal of G’s 5-year+ catalog, and one of the most courageous songs of the year. On the autobiographical track, he tells the story of his childhood, addressing his mother leaving his father and eventually entering into a relationship and falling in love with another woman, “Melissa.” He speaks candidly about his initial confusion about Melissa and then eventual acceptance, before she dies, tragically.

Despite the title of the song, everything is not ok in his narrative. It is heart-wrenching and not a happy ending, like many things in life, but his ability to take his pain and share it with the world from a better place is living proof that, even in the darkest of times, “Everything Will Be OK.”

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