Joyner Lucas Makes A Brutally Honest Video About Unplanned Fatherhood

Joyner Lucas is a breakout star of 2015. The Worcester, Massachusetts MC crushed his BET Hip Hop Cypher, impressing Busta Rhymes and Tech N9ne. He since then bottled that energy in a Busa’ Bus’ collabo of his own. With such stellar freestyle skills, many could immediately question the substance of Joyner. “Happy Birthday” blows a candle out on all of that.

This song takes songs about parenting to a deeply uncomfortable place. Joyner raps to his toddler son with an anger, resentment, and selfish stance. The song is about anything but love. The video captures this grim perspective of a father who views his child as a “mistake.” Not an easy watch or listen, this courageous illustration may conjure comparisons to early Eminem, Joe Budden, or Slug, given the raw emotion matched with precision lyricism:

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