Logic’s Star Shines Brightly with Help From the Roots on “The Tonight Show” (Video)

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25-year-old Logic has had a whirlwind couple of years, shattering all preconceived notions about what a real MC looks like or where a real MC comes from. The Maryland native was born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, and since signing to Def Jam and releasing not, but two immensely successful studio projects, the former internet sensation is beginning to turn his virtual acclaim into mainstream recognition, thanks to the high-quality music on 2014’s Under Pressure and its follow-up, November’s The Incredible True Story. In February, the album will be celebrated with a megawatt international tour, the seeds of which are already being planted with his remarkable performance on last night’s episode of “The Tonight Show.”

With the Roots serving as back-up, Logic electrified the studio audience with “Fade Away,” a single that contains clear elements of Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest embedded within its opulent sonics, featuring wonderful interplay between harmonies, keys, and lyrical delivery. Sporting the spacesuit he’s seen rocking on the album’s cover, the relative newcomer performs with all of the dexterity of a future great, seamlessly incorporating top-notch delivery with stage presence, and the audience eats it up and can be heard asking for seconds. Check out the live magic below for a peek into why The Incredible True Story debuted at number one.

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