Logic Will Not Fade Away. He’s Just Getting Started (Audio)

Logic’s forthcoming new album The Incredible True Story hits stores next week on November 13. For the last several weeks, the talented Maryland spitter has been releasing quality songs and innovative videos in support of the project. His latest addition to the campaign is “Fade Away.”

More than any of the previous releases thus far, “Fade Away” sounds like a continuation from Logic’s debut album, Under Pressure, in the best possible way. The track features lush harmonies, melodic keys and a vibe that, per Logic’s own assessment on his first album, is in the lineage of Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest. After a spirited first verse, Logic take things up a notch on verse 2, with a rapid-fire flow. The song is another positive indicator of good things to come on the album. Take a listen.

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