The Next Great Brooklyn MC Has Arrived. Jay Lonzo Is the TRUTH! (Video)

Of all the geographical regions in Hip-Hop, few have a greater lineage than Brooklyn. As the home to Big Daddy Kane, Biggie, Jay Z and far too many esteemed MCs to name, the burrough continues to produce strong talent from Joey Bada$$ to Stro. Now, there is a new arrival on the scene, and he is a MONSTER.

With only 12 subscribers to his YouTube channel (13 now…) and 163 followers on his SoundCloud page, Jay Lonzo is just getting started. One listen to his song, “Live! From Brooklyn,” however reveals an artist who sounds like he’s put in years of work, not only on his flow but on the richness of his content. In one song, he covers his career aspirations, self-improvement, the lack of meaningful substance in Hip-Hop lyrics, black on black crime, glorification of violence in Rap and radio’s part in promoting it…and that’s just the second verse.

Lonzo is a breath of fresh air, a beacon of hope and concrete proof that Hip-Hop is alive, well and only getting stronger.

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