These Videos Made Us Feel Like We Could Fly In 2015 (Video)

2015 might very well be remembered as the year the video took over the song in Hip-Hop. While audio platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music are growing in strength, high profile mixtapes decreased in number, and an increasing amount of releases were presented as videos even before the audio-only versions arrived. Even when that was not the case, seemingly every song was followed up with a visual soon thereafter.

Unfortunately, the uptick in music video production, did not bring a commensurate increase in quality. Instead, many artists gave little thought to creativity or uniqueness, often choosing simply to ride around with the homies, blow smoke in the studio or, when all else failed, head to the strip club. That’s why when innovation, powerful statements or just plain cool visuals did appear, they stood out all the more. It was not about production value, per se. There were plenty of high quality concepts that were executed on modest budgets. Instead, these videos showed us a world different than we had seen before, or at least put on a filter that changed our perspective.

Here are the music videos that shook things up, supremely entertained, deeply disturbed, or all of the above, all in one playlist. Take a look at the videos below and you can find a breakdown of each one individually, here.

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