Timbaland’s New Song With Unreleased Aaliyah Vocals Sounds Like Their Vintage Music (Audio)

Over the years some tracks with unreleased Aaliyah vocals have surfaced, including the high profile “Enough Said,” featuring Drake. Those songs often have been met with mixed reviews, with some believing the music did not add to her legacy. However, when Timbaland announced he was releasing a new mixtape on Christmas Day, and it would include previously unreleased tracks from Baby Girl, the response was very different. Given that Timbo was one of Aaliyah’s principal collaborators, he is one of the few who could properly convey her essence on the song.

Now, Tim’s mixtape has arrived and the song, “Shakin’,” does not disappoint. It’s unclear whether the track is from an actual recording session the two had together years ago, but, it has the feel of vintage Timbo and Aaliyah, circa 1999, with hints of 702’s “Where My Girls At.”

In any case, it fits nicely with some of their vintage hits from that era and is a nice addition to their catalog. Take a listen to “Skakin'” below and you can download Timbaland’s entire King Stays King mixtape here.

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