2 Chainz Makes A Video That Is Funny, Odd & Unsettling, For “Watch Out” (Video)

So many videos these days are paint by numbers. Seemingly, the vast majority fall into the category of ridin’ ’round shinin’, hangin’ with the homies or ballin’ in the club. In addition to a dearth of creative concepts, the production value of these clips have also been on a rapid decline, as video budgets have shrunk and the demand for videos for nearly every song has increased. Amid these circumstances, 2 Chainz has emerged with a video for his omnipresent “Watch Out,” which has no complex narrative, but which is odd, unsettling and highly engaging in its puerile humor.

2 Chainz had every opportunity to make a video that conformed with the majority of today’s cliches. The first verse of his song is all about how much money he and his friends have, how incredible his car is, and his ability to pull strippers out of the club. Instead, however, he is keenly aware of the humor in his song and its chorus of “watch out, lil bitch,” and he supersizes it by making himself super small.

Throughout the visual, there are little 2 Chainz’s running around. He’s a little man at a piano recital, a little heavyweight dancer…even a little baby in a woman’s arms. With him so absurdly small, however, it makes the taunt of his critics in his chorus loom even larger: “You getting mad…I’m getting rich.” It’s almost as if he’s saying while others are laughing at him, the joke is really on them.

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