Andre 3000 Discusses His First Starring TV Role & Wanting To Put Out New Music

Over the last decade, Andre 3000 has been incredibly sparing in his output of new music. The Atlien has not put out an album since Outkast’s 2003 Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, choosing instead to release jaw-dropping feature verses here and there and also work on his acting career. On the eve of his first starring TV role on ABC’s American Crime, he sat down with Billboard to discuss his recent creative endeavors.

In speaking about his role as an architect on American Crime, which premieres tonight at 10pm EST, Andre cited his relationship with show creator John Ridley, as the cause for his involvement. “When he called, I knew it would be something good. I hadn’t seen season one at the time, but I trust John’s taste in that way,” he said about Ridley.

Andre 3000 American Crime

Andre also spoke about his recent collaboration with Erykah Badu on her song “Hello.” Similarly to what Erykah recounted when she detailed how their duet came about, 3 Stacks credited Seven, his son with Erykah, as the impetus for the joint effort. He told Billboard, “Our son Seven and I were trying to figure out songs that could help her — songs that were related to the subject of the mixtape: phones. We came across [The Isley Brothers’ 1974 cover of Todd Rundgren’s] ‘Hello, It’s Me…’I told Erykah, ‘You should make this into a new song and get somebody to rap on it.’ She was like, ‘Well, you should rap on it!’ I’m happy it happened. It was a great reunion, because I don’t think people have heard a song from us in ages.”

And, while fans may have given up hope on a new Outkast album, or solo project by Andre, long ago, he opened the door ever so slightly on the possibility of releasing new music. “I’ve been holding [back] for a long time, so now I’m really interested in figuring out some type of music to do,” he said. “I’m always recording.” However, if and when that stash of music will be released remains a mystery. “I can’t say that I have a target right now. I’ve gotten in trouble before for saying when or what is coming, so I like to just kind of let it be. I’d like to put out some kind of music project, but we’ll see.”

In the meantime, check out Andre on American Crime, and you can find a mix of his many stellar guest verses below.

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