Cam’ron Looks Back At Rare Photos With A Signature Dipset Beat (Video)

Cam’ron’s life and career are rather unique. Raised in Harlem, New York, Cam’ divided his interests between basketball, the streets, and Hip-Hop. Over time, the Diplomats general would work with Big L, Ma$e, and Bloodshed (as Children Of The Corn) before his days signed to Untertainment/Epic Records. In the 1990s, Cam’ was a hungry Rap sensation—appearing on Stretch & Bobbito’s esteemed radio show. In the 2000s, he launched Dipset as a brand that captivated the Rap industry, and branded itself near the top.

In “U Wasn’t There,” Cam’ron goes all the way back. The MC uses a slow flow to trace his upbringing, his family, his early MC days, and his hustling exploits. Figures such as Big L, Ma$e, Huddy, Lance “Un” Rivera, Jacob York, and Cam’s purple Lamborghini and pink Range Rover are all featured in the photo stash—many accompanied by Killa Cam. This soulful, high-pitched beat calls back to the Just Blaze-esque sound of his Roc-A-Fella dominance.

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