Chasing The Cat Makes Key & Peele Gangsta In Their First Feature Film (Video)

When word broke that Key & Peele was ending after its fifth season last year, fans were dismayed. The outrageous sketch comedy show had filled a void that had been lacking for several years after Chappelle’s Show left the air. Not to worry, though. The dynamic duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have wasted no time in taking their talents from the small screen to the big one.

Keanu, like many films films, is about two guys chasing pussy. But, hold on…There is nothing prurient here. Key & Peele are being quite literal in their premise. The trailer for the film finds Peele feeling alone and despondent, until the most adorable little kitty cat shows up at his door. The feline instantly restores joy to his life, as shared by Key, until the cat gets jacked. And, that’s where the fun begins.

The two go on an epic adventure to reclaim the cat, Keanu. As was often the case with their series, the film plays heavily on racial stereotypes by exaggerating them to the point of absurdity. The two suburban men find themselves getting “gangsta” as they encounter some local hoods, along the way. If the first trailer for the film is any indication, we are in for a wild and hilarious ride.

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