Dr. Dre Leaks A New Song With T.I. To Show He’s Back To Business (Audio)

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Although not much music has officially been released by them, Dr. Dre and T.I. have been collaborating for years. T.I. is rumored to have been in the lab often with Dre, during the Detox years, and a number of tracks and snippets from those sessions have hit the web, since as early as 2009. In 2012, T.I. also released “Popped Off,” which featured a verse from the Good Doctor. Yet, when Compton, Dr. Dre’s first album in 16 years, was released last August, T.I. was nowhere to be found on the LP. Last night, however, on Dre’s The Pharmacy show on Beats 1 radio, the Doc premiered a song that he and T.I. had been cooking up for his comeback album, but which had not been included.

“Back To Business” is a laid-back vibe track with a slow deep bass line and heavy drums. Similarly to the themes Dre explored on Compton, the song, which also features Justus, Victoria Monét, and Sly Piper, explores Dre’s early years and the struggles he had to overcome. “And I remember when I was young, just a front runner. I was f*ckin’ with them drums like ‘Ye Summer.’ Almost couldn’t make it out the hood, make a ni**a wonder. But, I couldn’t let Compton take a ni**a under,” raps Doc in his opening verse. T.I. is also lyrically inspired, as he raps “If my ni**a Dre can get a bill, that let me know that there’s hope for a ni**a still.”

With top-notch beats and rhymes, why do you think the song wasn’t included on the album?

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