Ever See This 1992 Cypher With Bushwick Bill, Snoop, Scarface, RBX & Big Mike? (Video)

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The connections between Death Row and Rap-A-Lop Records run deep, from the top down. Respective label heads Suge Knight and J. Prince have been tight for years and, the labels’ artists have collaborated on a number of projects and, in the case of the Outlawz, even been signed to both labels at points in their careers.

Perhaps the most high profile example of the inter-connection is the song “Stranded On Death Row” from Dr. Dre’s album The Chronic, which is opened by memorable ad libs from The Geto Boys’ Bushwick Bill. That album was recorded in 1992 and much of the Rap-A-Lot crew was present. So, as Bill’s birthday rolled around on December 8th of that year, just a week before The Chronic’s release, the crew was tight. Members of both Death Row and Rap-A-Lop attended his party, and it yielded a true Hip-Hop moment.

At a Los Angeles club that looked packed to the guilds, the birthday boy grabbed the mic and did what MCs do. Spitting what sounds like a part off the top and part written verse, he set off a cypher that would be joined by Snoop Dogg, Scarface, RBX and Big Mike. Each of the other MCs would go off the top, making references to the evening’s festivities and saluting Bill. It is a true Hip-Hop moment between some of the finest MCs of two of Rap’s most iconic record labels.

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