Kendrick Lamar Premieres A New Song With An Absolutely Monstrous Performance (Video)

Kendrick Lamar performed on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon just hours ago (January 7). The Top Dawg Entertainment platinum star’s first televised appearance of 2016 was nothing small. “Cornrow Kenny” (as he refers to himself by) closed out the NBC appearance with an all-new song, “Untitled 2.”

Supported by a few band (which does not appear to include any of The Roots), Kendrick’s latest record is a sequel, by title, to “Untitled”—a song he premiered on The Colbert Report in the closing weeks of 2014.

Teased as all new by The Roots’ Questlove before the airing, the Jazz-informed song is deeply in line with K-Dot’s To Pimp A Butterfly substance, sound, and grit. The crescendo-structured song alludes to crime, time, femininity, drugs, and mortality. There are some really chest-thumping lines about TDE, the Grammy nominations, and the success of the squad in here too. Towards the last 90 seconds, things get really cathartic and charged. What is especially amazing about the record is how precise Lamar’s delivery is, for a song Heads are hearing for the first time.

This performance has incredible quality. Kendrick Lamar has done so many things recently. Is reviving the significance of the Rap performance on TV one of the most understated?

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