Mac Miller’s “Weekend” Is A Highly Personal Outcry About Life Moving Too Fast (Video)

Mac Miller’s third studio album GO:OD AM is included in Ambrosia For Heads’ “Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2015.” For those newer to the Warner Bros. Records-backed work, “Weekend” is exemplifying of what makes the LP strong.

Featuring Miguel, the song is a written as a highly-personal outcry of life moving too fast. Mac writes about drugs, sex, insincerity, and all of the pressures he faces in his young career. Miguel and Mac bridge the verses with a powerful message that reaches us all, “I’ma be alright by the weekend.” Whether living the fast life or a seemingly mundane existence, this is a record about having fun, and still promising to get it all together. The straightforward video is filmed in a quiet city twilight. Mac raps his bars, as Miguel is there in the drivers seat of an old-school.

Even with a trendier sound, is this personal-but-tangible style the best fit for the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MC/producer?

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