Masta Ace Rocks A Throwback Flow That’s Still Fresh All Around The World (Audio)

Last year, Masta Ace re-released his fifth solo album, A Long Hot Summer, and he added two bonus cuts. In November, Ambrosia For Heads premiered “GMO,” the first of those extra tracks, and now, Ace releases the single version of the second, “Globetrotter.”

The song, which also features Great Britain’s AKD, has a sound that feels like it predates even the 2004 original release of A Long Hot Summer. Both Ace and AKD ease into the 90s-style beat with flows that seem simultaneously throwback and timeless. This does not sound like “The Symphony” Masta Ace, or the one who went bi-coastal on “Born To Roll.” Instead, it’s a different cadence that’s reminiscent in part of Q-Tip and Diamond D, but all Ace.

This is available on the Long Hot Summer re-release by Below System Records.

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