Mick Jenkins Eloquently Makes Sense Out Of His Windy City (Audio)

Mick Jenkins has been fast at work entering the new year. The Chicago, Illinois MC has been recording a lot with producer THEMpeople. Today (January 7), Mick unveiled “Grenade Theory,” and pulled a pin, before exploding some profound thoughts and rhymes into the microphone.

The song is a here-and-now for what’s going on in Chi-city. Mick begins with authoritative media and outsider voices discussing the situations surrounding the city, likely leading into pieces on its violence and death-rate. Mick then comes in with on the ground reporting on the sentiments of the youth, with a hopeful, yet realistic message. Artistically, he is convinced that the city is assuredly “about to blow.”

Do you think 2016 will be a year driven by Windy City MCs?

#BonusBeat: At the same time Mick Jenkins released “Grenade Theory,” he released another song drenched in a whole different vibe. Listen to “$3,000 Advice,” which also features the same producer:

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