Mick Jenkins Shows There’s Nothing Like Getting Down to Pick You Up (Video)

Mick Jenkins’ two-part sonic jolt “Get Up Get Down” is both throwback and contemporary. The first half of the song features Electro Funk synths that harken back to the early 80s where B-Boys and B-Girls ruled the dance floors. The second portion eases into a more contemporary trap beat. The musical shift corresponds with a change in the lyrics from feeling down and out about life to having a brighter outlook. It’s a striking contrast with the clash of happy music juxtaposed against sad sentiments and vice versa.

For the video, Jenkins maintains the past and present mix. Mick does not appear but he has selected three teens who he clothes in 80s-style Adidas track suits and sneakers. The trio gets up, literally and metaphorically, by “getting down,” showcasing a number of dance moves from the 80s to the present. In a subtle nod to the title of his new EP Wave[s], they are shown doing the wave throughout.

The bright colors worn by the dancers and their hyper-kinectic dance moves are infectious in conveying pure joy.

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