Mobb Deep’s Prodigy To Perform At The Interactive Play “The Illuminati Ball”

Hip-Hop and the theater are continuing to merge in unexpected ways. With the astronomical success of Hamilton on Broadway and Kurtis Blow’s stint in the Hip-Hop Nutcracker, a legacy that began back in the ’90s with productions of So! What Happens Now? and Jam on the Groove is blossoming. Today, it’s been announced that Mobb Deep’s iconic MC Prodigy will be taking to the stage, as well, in an interactive play with the provocative title of The Illuminati Ball. Written by Cynthia von Buhler, the live stage show will run from February 13 all the way through August 20.

Based on the history of global-banking family the Rothschilds (Heads may recognize the name because of Jay Electronica’s having dated Kate Rothschild), the play is an examination of one particular evening in 1972, when a Baron and Baroness hosted an extravagant event. Some leaked photos of the event serve as inspiration in the surrealist affair which features a very exclusive audience guest list. Comprised of 30 “candidates,” the audiences for the play will be outnumbered by the cast of actors at a ratio of 2:1, resulting in a highly personalized experience where attendees are quite literally surrounded by the actors. But that’s not the only unique characteristic. According to von Buhler herself, “the candidates are picked up in a luxury limousine bus and transported from Manhattan to an eight-acre lakefront estate, located on a secluded peninsula just one hour away. En route, champagne will be served while candidates are briefed, masked and rehearsed (blindfolds must be worn for the final fifteen minutes of the trip). Candidates will be returned to Manhattan via the limousine before midnight.”

Prodigy Mobb Deep

The experience is all encompassing, and a performance from Prodigy adds a raw Hip-Hop element which can’t easily be matched on Broadway. For more information on the event – for which the invitation is read by holding it up to a mirror – visit the official website.

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