Naughty By Nature Reunite With Queen Latifah On A Song Filled With Love (Video)

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The ties between Naughty By Nature and Queen Latifah run deep. When NBN first got their start, it was fellow Jersey native Latifah who helped guide them, along with her Flavor Unit management team. Treach, Vin Rock and Kay Gee would go on to record with the Queen on their eponymous Naughty By Nature album. She would continue to support the trio for years to come, with them appearing on her talk show in 2013.

Now, more than 25 years later, their bonds remain unbroken, so it’s no surprise to see Latifah alongside Treach and Vinny in their new video for “God Is Us.” Not just there for moral support or crew love, Latifah plays an integral role, as she puts her multi-talented voice to use as a singer, at the helm of the song’s hook. Throughout the track, which is held down solely by Treach on the verses, he raps a message of love–for ourselves, for one another, for all on earth–and the Queen’s warm chorus sends that message soaring. The video, which was directed by Rock Davis and Jay Rodriguez, is slickly shot, capturing intimate moments on the beach, in the club and in the hood. It’s a fitting return for one of the most dominant groups of the early 90s.

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