O.C. Looks At A World Gone Wrong & Vents In The Best Way Possible (Audio)

Veteran D.I.T.C. artist O.C. is highly-respected for his crisp cadence and masterful way about rapping about life and art. Acclaimed albums like Word…LifeTrophiesJewelz, and Starchild have honed in on O’s experiences and vision, and done so eloquently. On the just-released “My City,” the former Payday Records artist takes a more universal approach.

O.C. slices into race relations in America, the conflict in Syria, and how religion disputes are threatening the world’s well-being. Along the way, the onetime Crooklyn Dodger does not preach, bend, or pander. The hard-nosed delivery is completely in tact, and Mush’s rhythmic vocal timing is as sharp as its been, ever. Lyrically, he pays some cool homage to Main Source’s “Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball” and his homies Organized Konfusion’s “The Extinction Agenda.” Produced by Motif Alumni, this D.I.T.C. moment is something that requires quite a few rewinds, as it knocks in your system.

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O recently told AFH he has a number of exciting projects planned for 2016, including one with A.O.T.P.’s Apathy. Additionally, O.C. is back in the lab with Buckwild, with whom he has made some of his most celebrated material.

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