Talib Kweli Debuts an Unheard Song. Is a New Album Coming Soon? (Video)

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With all of the Talib Kweli releases of late, it’s hard to fathom that the Brooklyn MC is still working on releasing Radio Silence, an album he first began promoting around this time last year. In the months since, he’s been involved with an impressive collection of projects, including his Indie 500 collaborative album with 9th Wonder, his work with Colours of the Culture on the compilation album Roy G Biv: What a Colourful World, the free F*** the Money album he dropped, and all of the guest appearances and media stops along the way. He remains one of the busiest players in the Hip-Hop game, penning insightful op-eds for various outlets and always maintaining an outspoken perspective in his work as a social activist. Just this week, he managed to find the time to debut a never-before heard track, giving it a classy, understated performance on television.

On January 12, Kweli served as the musical guest on PBS’ The Tavis Smiley Show, where he performed “The Chip,” an unreleased song which he states is a part of the long-awaited Radio Silence. For the performance, he brought along a cellist and two violinists to complement the trappy edge of the track’s beat. In true Kweli fashion, the song is a politically and socially driven record, and much of it is directed to those who refuse to take up arms in the fight for justice (“Think globally, not locally/You ain’t woke as me, go to sleep”). If this is indicative of the rest of Radio Silence‘s make-up, it’s likely going to be a well received effort from the highly celebrated lyricist.

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