This Feel-Good Lord Finesse Mix Is The Cure For The Post-Holiday Hangover

Let’s face it, the first Monday of the new year can often be a drag. For many, this means (fully) back to work, often some challenging weather, and a long haul to the next reason to celebrate. The all knowing Lord Finesse seems to have forecast such a feeling. The Diggin’ In The Crates O.G. MC/producer/DJ got behind the wheels of steel, and made a mix to made the adjustment all the brighter.

The Bronx, New York Hip-Hop veteran made a 90-minute, up-tempo mix featuring Jackson 5, The Notorious B.I.G., James Brown, and George Benson. For those expecting a series of samples, or more obvious cuts, think again. The “Funky Man” assembles this mix as if he were taking his show to a posh nightclub, and never compromises his heavily-informed style. In the mix, there are some amazing blends, movements of scratching, and an incredible example of keeping the mix cohesive, through vast genre, era, and BPM. Whether in the car, at the desk, or back at the gym, this D.I.T.C. affair will set up 2016 nicely.

Props to ego trip! for shedding light on this one.

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