A$AP Mob Say They Are The New Black Panthers & “Lords Never Worry” (Audio)

Since Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show, The Black Panthers have once again become a household name. The superstar singer made reference to the organization, with her dancers sporting their trademark afros and adorned in their signature black berets, in a year that brings the 50th anniversaries of both the Big Game and the Panther party. To some the Panthers were heroes, while others saw them as militant racists. To all, they were revolutionaries.

A Documentary on the Black Panthers Depicts Events That Are Still Happening Today (Video)

On “Lords Never Worry,” the latest release from A$AP Twelvyy and featuring his A$AB Mob brothers Rocky and Nast, they proudly embrace the civil rights organization, proclaiming themselves “the new Black Panthers.” The song is filled with assertive and confident raps, embodying some of the principles espoused by the Panthers, such as self-pride and self-empowerment.

A$AP Mob Heads likely will recognize the 3 verses from the clique’s 2013 BET Cypher. While that platform is typically used as a show of lyrical prowess, the crew decided to attach a message to their music. The paring of verses that did not fit the theme, along with a beat that better suits the tone, make it a completely different song. Now, with the Panther anniversary, Beyonce’s performance and a new documentary about the civil rights organization, the recorded song is more timely than ever.

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