Ever Hear Dr. Dre’s Lost Song “My Life” From ’95? It’s One Of His Best (Audio)

Twenty years ago, Dr. Dre was gathering his things as he prepared to exit Death Row Records. As the legend has it, the label co-founder would relinquish his master recordings, and his stake in the multi-platinum dynasty. At the time, the label was overseen by Marion “Suge” Knight—Dre’s manager and business partner.

Although Death Row would be home to Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, Tha Dogg Pound, and others, Dr. Dre’s The Chronic is what launched the Beverly Hills, California-based label. In late 1992, the N.W.A. alum released his solo debut, and brought G-Funk, Snoop, and Tha Row to the mainstream. Following the multi-platinum debut, Dre would helm Snoop’s Doggystyle debut, mix Dogg Food, and oversee Murder Was The Case. Many Heads wonder whatever happened to D-R-E’s Chronic follow-up?

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While 2001 would not release until 1999, on Dre’s own Aftermath Entertainment, Andre Young was recording a sophomore solo LP. Said to be titled Chronic 2, the album would yield beats that many speculate would end up on other Death Row projects (much like what happened in the 2000s with Detox). There was also report that Dre merged his sophomore into a reunion with Ice Cube, to be called Helter Skelter. The D.O.C. would snatch the title for his Giant Records sophomore in ’96, as some of the beats (allegedly “California Love” and “Can’t C Me” went to Tupac).

One song from these mid-’90s sessions that has surfaced online is “My Life (Smoking Weed For Hours).” With a heavy Roy Ayers “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” sample and basis for the chorus, Dre strolls down memory lane at the last dozen years of his career. He recalls DJ’ing at club Eve After Dark in 1983, before linking with N.W.A., rolling with The D.O.C. (who also provides vocals), hearing 213 and discovering Snoop Dogg, and forming Death Row for financial reasons.

In the song, Dre references Slick Rick’s “The Moment I Feared.” The empty spot in the third verse is cause for much speculation. Was this intended for Snoop? D.O.C.? Or perhaps, given the emphasis of Ice Cube in the song’s lyrics, this was a song intended for the pair’s Helter Skelter album.

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#Bonus Beat: Check out this Doggystyle insert and wonder:


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