George Clinton Pulls In Ice Cube For A Funky Remix With Kendrick Lamar (Audio)

Last year, George Clinton and Kendrick Lamar made some of the funkiest music in years together. When Kendrick decided to root his album, To Pimp A Butterfly, in the music that influenced Dr. Dre, Warren G, DJ Quik and other West Coast MCs before him, he went straight to the source, Mr. Parliament/Fukandelic himself. While Clinton only officially collaborated on “Wesley’s Theory,” as the album’s opener, that record set the tone, and his influence can be heard throughout.

Months after the release of TPAB, Kendrick returned the favor by appearing on the remix to Funkadelic’s “Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You.” Produced by master DJ and remixer Louie Vega, the remix was a perfect blend of both Funk and House.

Now, the track resurfaces for yet another version, aptly titled the “We Ain’t Never Gonna Stop Remix,” and it’s been completely re-worked and dipped in G-Funk. For emphasis, Uncle George has recruited Ice Cube, with whom he’s worked on “Bop Gun.” Cube dips back to the ’93 flow he flexed on “You Know How We Do It,” and, since his January performance on The Tonight Show, it’s now also clear that Kendrick’s verse is a snippet from his song “Untitled 2 (Blue Faces).” It may be impossible to get any funkier.

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